• All of our fabrics are Made of 100% Organic Cotton. Even the tag is organic cotton!
  • eco•ditty™ bags are printed with low-impact inks and dyes.
  • eco•ditty™ bags are lined with un-dyed organic cotton liners – no synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food!
  • Our unique hook and loop closure allows you to vary the size of your bag, while the fold-over design eliminates spills
  • Wash them by hand, in the washing machine or even the dishwasher!
  • Made in Colorado using GOTS-certified 100% Organic Cotton sourced from the US and India


  • Store your food and beverages in Glass – NOT Plastic – containers
  • Avoid bottled water; filter your own and use an unlined, stainless steel or glass bottle
  • Avoid using plastic wrap and baggies
  • Stop buying and consuming canned foods and drinks
  • Give your children natural fabric and wooden toys instead of plastic ones
  • Replace plastic dishes and cups with glass or stainless steel varieties
  • NEVER microwave food in a plastic container
  • When using plastic containers for your food, avoid those marked recycling label No. 7 on the bottom, as these varieties may contain BPA. Also steer clear of No. 3 which contains PVC