About Us

At eco•ditty™ we’re committed to helping you and the environment get healthy!

How did we get here?

We all put a lot of time and effort into making healthy choices for our bodies and the planet. When our daughter was 2, we discovered she was allergic to PVC plastic! That meant ditching plastics for good – and it got us thinking. How can we transport food safely? The solution was simple: organic cotton, and the response has been amazing.

When you use a 100% Organic Cotton eco•ditty™ bag to carry your perishable and dry food items, you’re keeping a plastic sack out of the landfill and dangerous toxins like BPA and PVC out of your body. We use only GOTS-certified, fair-trade fabrics in our products, so that means no synthetics, plastics, or chemicals touching your food.

eco•ditty™ bags can be washed and reused 100’s of times, saving money and reducing waste.

reduce – reuse – eat happy!